Laura has been caring for our guys for several years.  It's tough enough leaving them behind when we are off on vacation having fun...but missing our guys at the same time is bitter sweet.  Laura is awesome understanding these mixed emotions of being away and having to leave them we get pictures of them while we are away from them, and notes left on how things went when we get home.  It makes life so much better knowing that they are in the hands of Laura when we can't be there.  Laura your the best. 

LuAnn Radke Florence, New Jersey

 Laura is the first Pet Sitter we've ever had for any of our dogs-we always kenneled with not so great results/  We started with trial visits and an overnight before we left for six days.  The email updates reassured us "all was well". Caleb was very calm upon our return, and we would absolutely use Laura again!  


Judith Larkin, Columbus New Jersey

 We've been using Laura for close to 10 years now mostly for lunchtime visits when I'm traveling and can't get home to let he dogs out, and we've come to trust her implicitly with the care of our pets.  We were scheduled to go on vacatiion when one of our pooches came down with a heart condition and could'nt be kenneled.  We remembered Laura informing us she was now offering overnight service-we got lucky on short notice and Laura had availibility for eight days-what a blessing!  She took care of our three dogs, two cats watered the garden etc.  We were able to go and not worry knowing that she'd treat them all as her own and that Chopper would get his heart medication without fail. She communicated regularly sending texts and pictures, handled the great ground hog massacre(okay she called her husband for assistance-thanks Ray!) and the great smoke alarm incident which sends all the pooches into a tizzy.allowing us to enjoy our vacation without any worries.

Steve Comins Bordentown NJ